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Quinnies Kitchen

Healing Takes Place In The Kitchen

Food Can Be Our Medicine:  Drugs do not heal! They only mask the symptoms while oftentimes causing more dis-ease. Pharmaceuticals are drugs with the desired side effect. There are circumstances where pharmaceuticals are necessary and can save your life.  But what if you could dis-ease proof your life with real food and natural tonics, elixirs and teas that are made with wildcrafted local plants and organics.   What if you could create a Gap and prevent common chronic dis-eases from ever manifesting in your life? 

That gap can be created using natural medicinal herbs that can rebalance the body, mind, and

spirit creating wellness and vitality.

Quinnie's Kitchen natural herbal, whole food products, and training are designed to  " Do No Harm" but to empower you to take your life, health, and wellbeing into your own hands. You got the power to heal yourself and your family.

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Enhance your life with Quinnies Kitchen


Quinnie is a Healer,Plant Rich Nutrition Consultant,  Herbalist, Vegan Chef, Douala,  Yoga Instructor, Life & Wellness Coach and founding Holistic Program  Director of ACPM.NET (Advanced Clinics for Preventive Medicine) a holistic clinic in operation for more than two decades with thousands of patients worldwide.  In addition a proud mother of six children and wife.

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