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Sankofa  Green

Natural  Living  Back  to  Our  Roots  Program

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Immerse yourself in the shifting energy of the Earth Goddess as you ground with each step on our magical journey through metro Atlanta parks built in and around a forest.  As you explore the wild plants our ancestors used for magic, medicine, and food to sustain themselves, their family, and their community.


Our ancestors knew how to use the plants growing in abundance around them for food and medicine. It was a way of life to consume food growing wild and free which embedded their microbiome (gut) with diversity creating a multitude of healthy gut flora and immunity.

Starting May 2023

Sankofa Green 

Wild Plant Identification and Medicine Making

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Our day starts with a 2-hour plant walk through some of the beautiful urban parks in metro Atlanta where you will learn the names, physical characteristics, medicinal, and nutritive properties of plants growing prolifically in your lawns and public spaces. 


We then take a lunch break after which we continue our discussion from the plant walk and then make medicinal concoctions from plants foraged during our walk and plants that the instructors will share from their apothecary and garden.  


This is a beginner’s training on identifying wild plants and medicine making with Sankofa Green-Quinnie’s Kitchen and Ordinary Herbalist.


Those new to identifying wild plants and herbal medicine making will be introduced to the benefits of using wild plants for food, and medicine, the importance of native plants for biodiversity in your diet, ethically sustainable harvesting practices, and how to identify wild plants to increase food security.

About Sankofa Green Living Series

Sankofa Green's goal is to offer events, experiences, and classes that reconnect people of color to life skill traditions, build community, promote health and wellbeing using holistic lifestyle practices,  and encourage respect and interaction with the natural world. 

All are welcome to join us for any of Sankofa Green’s offerings! We are always looking for people to share their traditional life skills and knowledge. 


The 2022 Sankofa Green Traditional Plant Medicine Making Program consists of 16 hours of live in-person sessions that include four 4-hour classes with a 30-60 minute lunch break. 


Each session consists of a plant walk and concludes with the creation of an herbal remedy made with plants foraged during our walk and or from the instructor's apothecary. 


Students who complete all 4 classes will receive a certificate at the last class. 

Session 1

Circle Time and Plant Walk

The Contribution Enslaved Africans and Native Americans Play in American Herbalism


Introduction to Herbal

Medicine Making 


Water Medicine:

Teas, Infusions, Herbal Steams,

Herbal Baths

Session 2

Circle Time and Plant Walk

Fire Ciders, Oxymeals, Tinctures

Session 3 

Circle Time and Plant Walk

Oil Medicine: Infused Oils and Salves


Session 4

Circle Time Plant Walk

Herbal First Aid Kit

Smoke Stick Making


Payment Plan is available upon request: $100 down, 3 payments of $91.00 per month (total of 4 payments). Other payment options are available upon request. Limited work-trade is available.


Includes all materials and supplies. Each student will leave with their own customized herbal medicine created during each session. A $100 plus value.

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Session One - April 24, 2022

Session Two - June 26, 2022

Session Three - July 24, 2022

Session Four - September 25, 2022


Venues: TBD

Here is a list of parks in consideration: Arabia Mountain, Cascade Springs Preserve, Henderson Mill Park, Kennesaw Mountain, Sweet Water Creek


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SZI Quinnie Forest Bathing 30 Jul 2022-1525.jpg



  • Camping Chair

  • Journal/paper and pen

  • Bags to store and label plants that we forage ( paper bags, sandwich bags, grocery bags, etc..)

  • Water

  • Snack

  • Back Pack/Hip Bag etc.. ( optional but will allow hands-free movement)

  • Dress appropriately - We will be in the forest where it's shady *

  • Dress in comfortable clothing, Chakra Colors A Plus, Consider we are in the forest so be prepared for the elements such as insects. Consider bringing long socks ( long pants to protect your legs from insects is optional)

  • Wear Appropriate Shoes for Outdoors

  • Rain Coat/Umbrella (optional check the weather predictions )

  • Medication

  • Anything you need to be comfortable

  • Be mindful that there are no outdoor toilets (big tree Out House is available)

  • Bring lunch

  • Leave No Trace - leave the forest as we found it.

  • More information will be shared after registration


Covid 19

To keep everyone safe we will practice COVID-19 prevention best practices. You are responsible for social distancing. The hands-on section will be outdoors and social distancing will be encouraged with mask-wearing as appropriate but not mandatory.  Students are responsible for providing their own hand sanitizer and other cleaning supplies.   If you are at high risk or have symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that you not attend this class. Symptoms may include fatigue, headache, body aches, difficulty breathing, fever, cough, congestion, loss of taste and smell to name a few. Check the CDC website for a complete and up-to-date list of symptoms. 

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Anytime, Anywhere

Your  Instructor


Quinnie  Cook-  Richardson with  Quinnie's  Kitchen and  Sankofa  Green  Living  Series loves to share her passion for wild edible plants as a  food and medicine source.  She teaches green-living lifestyle classes such as vegan food preparation,  natural soap making,  fermented foods,  smudge sticks, herbal medicine making,  and holistic living retreats just to name a  few. She is also a  Vegan  Chef,  Doula,  Yoga  Teacher,  Reiki  Master,  Life  Coach,  and embraces living a  life in harmony with nature.  Visit her at, Instagram  (Quinnies. Kitchen) and,  Facebook  (Quinnies  Kitchen).


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