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The Holistic Way LifeStyle Reset

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We equip you with life tools that help you live in
alignment with your body, mind, spirit, and emotions

The Holistic Way Lifestyle Program is a unique lifestyle program that works to bring into balance the two most important aspects of your life: nutrition and emotional wellness.


When these two areas are in alignment people can create a holistic lifestyle that can prevent, reverse, and/or stabilize chronic illness.

Our signature “Eat - Breathe - Rest” approach combines cooking classes, holistic health education, and mind-body medicine with our 30+ years of personal and professional experience to guide you through The Holistic Way Lifestyle Program.


The Holistic Way Overview

This 11-day program consists of educational discussions, vegan food prep and demonstrations, emotional cleansing practices, stress reduction techniques, meal plan and customizable gentle fasting. 


Learn which  unhealthy foods is making is making you sick.

 Learn which foods can reverse disease and keep your healthy.

Knowledge is power. We teach you how your body works.

Learn about which herbals and supplements can naturally reverse disease and prevent disease.

Rest and Breathe

Mind-Body Wellness Practices: The root of unhealthy lifestyle habits is stress, limiting self talk, and emotional imbalances. You will learn simple breathing techniques, stretching, and visualization to support with making better lifestyle decisions.

The body heals when we sleep which is an essential element of any wellness plan.

Program Benefits 

  • Increases Energy

  • Improves Concentration & Mental Clarity

  • Induces Loss of Excess Body Fat by Improving Fat-Burning

  • Lowers Blood Sugar levels by improving Insulin Sensitivity

  • Lowers blood levels of Cholesterol & Triglycerides (Fat)

  • Prevents Cancer & Alzheimer’s disease

  • Increase Fertility

  • Decreases Inflammation

  • Reverses the Aging Process & Life Extension

  • Hormonal Balancing

  • Digestive and Gut Health

  • Reduce and or eliminate allergies



Give your GI tract a break, and reset your taste buds. Not a one side fit all approach, but customized to meet your individual needs (optional).



With the support of trained coaches you will design a health and well lifestyle plan that is easy for you to maintain.


Having a community of people that share the same wellness principles is critical on your wellness journey. Join our private

Program Includes

  • Gut Repair Supplements

  • Liver Bitters Gentle Cleansing Tonic

  • 7 Day Whole Body Nourishing Teas 

  • Daily Meetings

  • Holistic Educational Webinars

  • One in Person Workshop

  • Meal Planning and Recipes

  • Community and Support

  • Private Facebook Group Support

  • Meditation, Yoga, Breathing

  • Customized Plans, Program Manual and Coaching

  • Doctor Supervised Fasting

At the conclusion of this 11-day program, you will receive a The Holistic Way Program Certificate at the completion of this course, commemorating your commitment to learning and living  The Holistic Way! 

Do you want to learn what a healthy lifestyle really is? 
Do you have low energy?  Do you want to learn how to prepare healthy foods? Do you have a family history of any diseases?  Do you have anxiety?  
Do you want to learn how to balance your emotion body?
Do you want to lose excess body fat?
  Do you have a family history of disease? Do you want to stay healthy? Do you have high blood pressure? Do you suffer from constipation? Do you have elevated cholesterol? Do you want to prevent cancer and other chronic diseases? Do you want to extend your life? Do you have hormonal imbalances? Do you have gut issues?

The Holistic Way Lifestyle Program is ideal for people with or without chronic illnesses who want to make fundamental changes to improve their health and wellness, without the need for medical intervention or treatments.


Did you know there are foods and herbs you can consume to treat most chronic illnesses?


Are you aware that unhealed emotional  past life experiences can impact your current and future health status?


Are you someone who is ready to do whatever it takes to prevent disease and to age gracefully, but don’t know how?

The Holistic Way Lifestyle Program  will teach you the

“how’s” and “why’s” of creating perfect health for a lifetime.

Meet the Team

Let Me Show You The Holistic Way


I am Quinnie Cook-Richardson, The Holistic Way Lifestyle Program creator, Herbalist, Life and Wellness Coach, Plant Based Vegan Chef,  Holistic Living Advocate, Energy Spiritual Guide, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Forest Bathing Guide, Ceremonialist,  and owner and business manager of Advanced Clinics for Preventive Medicine, one of the longest established holistic integrative medical clinic in the US.


As a  daughter, sister, friend, wife, mama, grandmama, holistic health advocate, and a sur"thriver" of a lot of life's challenges, I have seen and experienced the effects of a balanced and an unbalanced life.  

For the last 11 years, I have supported people who were at the end stages of life. They all come in ready to do whatever is needed to stay alive.


It is unfortunate that most of the conditions that have them fighting for their lives were completely preventable.


You do not have to live with chronic conditions such as diabetes, and high blood just because your family members did.


Choices drive change. We are here to help you make the change.


Most people think that changing their diet alone will prevent chronic illness and guarantee they will not get sick, however there’s more involved. Your feelings and emotional wellbeing play a key role in chronic illness prevention.


I created The Holistic Way Lifestyle Program to equip you with the tools that help you align your body, mind, spirit, and emotions.


This is the real " Healthcare". Power to The People to heal themselves. Take back your power! Its a movement!

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 Dr. Richardson MD, MPH, ND

Dr. William Richardson M.D.(retired) M.S.P.H. is one of the fathers of holistic integrative medicine, a Public Health and Preventive Medicine specialist who has dedicated his life to getting to the root causes of disease by researching and developing healing strategies to relieve ailments with as natural means as possible. He has a B.S. in Biochemistry with minors in Physics and Math from the University of Pittsburgh, a Masters in the Science of Public Health - Epidemiology (the study of the distribution and control of disease) from the University of Alabama in Birmingham, and graduated with an M.D. from Temple University, School of medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1979. 


He has become a master at successfully using Preventive, Complementary, and Alternative Medicine in fighting chronic diseases in a multitude of clients for over three(3) decades.  Dr. Richardson has assisted his patients  on their wellness journey  by using natural therapies when possible and creating the circumstances for the body to heal itself, as a result  thousands of his patients continue to  live a full life of optimal health.     He has founded the Advanced Clinics for Preventive Medicine (ACPM) in the Atlanta, Georgia area, where Primary Care and Preventive Medicine Physician Specialists, Registered Nurses and Holistic Healers work to Prevent, Arrest and Reverse our leading killers  

 Dr. Afifivi MD

~Biography Coming Soon~

Dr. Jean Bonhomme MD, MPH, NMD

Specializes in Holistic Family Primary Care, Expert in Men's Health, IV Infusion Therapy, Integrative Medicine Modern Diseases and Addiction Medicine

Dr. Jean Bonhomme, MD is an preventative medicine and addiction medicine doctor who practices in Atlanta, GA. He  has been practicing for 40 years. He is founder of the National Black Men's Health Network, He is Board certified in Public Health and General Preventive Medicine and is  a retired Assistant Professor at the Morehouse School of Medicine. Considered one of the key thought leaders in men's health, Dr. Bonhomme is founder of the National Black Men's Health Network, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and an expert on minority health, addictions, AIDS, and the effect that family relationships have on the health of men and boys. He serves as corporate president and Chairman of the Steering Committee for CHAMPS (Community Health and Men's Promotion Summit), providing free health screenings to economically disadvantaged minority males. Dr. Bonhomme also serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Men's Health and the American Journal of Men's Health. He previously served as staff physician for Toxicology Associates of North Georgia (TANG), a drug treatment facility based in Marietta, Georgia.

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