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The Holistic Way LifeStyle Reset

We equip you with life tools that help you live in
alignment with your body, mind, spirit, and emotions

The Holistic Way Lifestyle Program is a unique lifestyle program that works to bring into balance the two most important aspects of your life: nutrition and emotional wellness.


When these two areas are in alignment people can create a holistic lifestyle that can prevent, reverse, and/or stabilize chronic illness.

Our signature “Eat - Breathe - Heal” approach combines cooking classes, holistic health education, and mind-body medicine with our 30+ years of personal and professional experience to guide you through The Holistic Way Lifestyle Program.


Put Your Healing Back in Your Hands
The Holistic Way

The Holistic Way Overview

This 11-day program consists of  around educational discussions, vegan food prep and demonstrations, emotional cleansing practices, stress reduction techniques and gentle fasting. 

Elimination of unhealthy foods

Mind-Body Practices

Mind-Body Wellness Practices



Benefits of Fasting

  • Increases Energy

  • Improves Concentration & Mental Clarity

  • Induces Loss of Excess Body Fat by Improving Fat-Burning

  • Lowers Blood Sugar levels by improving Insulin Sensitivity

  • Lowers blood levels of Cholesterol & Triglycerides (Fat)

  • Prevents Cancer & Alzheimer’s disease

  • Increase Fertility

  • Decreases Inflammation

  • Reverses the Aging Process & Life Extension

  • Hormonal Balancing

  • Digestive and Gut Health

  • Reduce and or eliminate allergies

Program Includes

  • Gut Repair Supplements

  • Liver Support Herbals

  • Whole Body Nourishing Teas 

  • Daily Meetings

  • Meal Planning and Recipes

  • Community and Support

  • Private Facebook Group Support

  • Meditation, Yoga, Breathing

  • Customized Plans, Program Manual and Coaching

  • Doctor Supervised

At the conclusion of this 11-day program, you will receive a The Holistic Way Program Certificate at the completion of this course, commemorating your commitment to learning and living  The Holistic Way!  The next program will begin June 22, 2023.

Do you have love energy? Do you have problems concentrating? Do you want to lose excess body fat?  Do you have a family history of disease? Do you want to stay healthy? Do you have high blood pressure? Do you suffer from constipation? Do you have elevated cholesterol? Do you want to prevent cancer and other chronic diseases? Do you want to extend your life? Do you have hormonal imbalances? Do you have gut issues?

The Holistic Way Lifestyle Program is ideal for people with or without chronic illnesses who want to make fundamental changes to improve their health and wellness, without the need for medical intervention or treatments.


Did you know there are foods and herbs you can consume to treat most chronic illnesses?


Are you aware that past life experiences can impact your current and future health status?


Are you someone who is ready to do whatever it takes to prevent disease and to age gracefully, but don’t know how?

The Holistic Way Lifestyle Program  will teach you the

“how’s” and “why’s” of creating perfect health for a lifetime.

Meet the Team

Let Me Show You The Holistic Way


I am Quinnie Cook-Richardson, The Holistic Way Lifestyle Program creator, Herbalist, Life and Wellness Coach, Plant Based Vegan Chef,  Holistic Living Advocate, Energy Spiritual Guide,  and owner and business manager of Advanced Clinics for Preventive Medicine, one of the longest established holistic integrative medical clinic in the US.


As a wife, as a mother of 6, and as a holistic health advocate, I have seen and experienced the effects of a balanced and an unbalanced life.  

For the last nine years, I have supported people who were at the end stages of life. They all come in ready to do whatever is needed to stay alive.


It is unfortunate that most of the conditions that have them fighting for their lives were completely preventable.


You do not have to live with chronic conditions such as diabetes, and high blood just because your family members did.


Choices drive change. We are here to help you make the change.


Most people think that changing their diet alone will prevent chronic illness and guarantee they will not get sick, however there’s more involved. Your feelings and emotional wellbeing play a key role in chronic illness prevention.


I created The Holistic Way Lifestyle Program to equip you with the tools that help you align your body, mind, spirit, and emotions.


Put your healing back in your hands with the Holistic Way

 Dr. Richardson MD

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 Dr. Afifivi MD

~Biography Coming Soon~

Dr. Jean Bonhomme MD

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