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Sacred Mothering

Educational Offering

A Rites of Passage Approach to Pregnancy, Labor, Postpartum and Motherhood

Image by Domo .
Image by Andre Adjahoe
  • Prenatal Yoga

  • Meditation & Sound

  • What is Sacred Mothering

  • Pregnancy is a Rites of Passage

  • Doula

  • Stages of Pregnancy  

-Body changes

-What’s baby doing?

-Ailments & strategies for comfort

-Lifestyle, Nutrition, Rest, Natural Remedies



  • Birth  plans

-Maneuvering  hospital  systems

  • Physiology  of  Labor

-A & Preview

-Stages of labor

-Laboring  Natural

-Importance of unmedicated childbirth

-Laboring in the hospital

-How to create a sacred space (home & hospital)

  • Postpartum - 4th Trimester

-Caring  for  stitches,  tears,  self,  etc

-Equipment  needs

-Natural  is  Better

-The Wise Woman Ways to  Heal Afterbirth  Traditional

  • Sacred  Mothering

-Raising healthy  childbirth  thru  young  childhood

-Herbal  Medicine  Cabinet

-How to treat  common  ailments  naturally

-Introducing  Table  Food

-How to make baby  food

-Equipment Needed

-Food Tree

-Diapering, Clothe versus Pampers.

-The First  Food - Breastfeeding and why its important, how to and techniques for success.

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